Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 Things Every Man Needs To Be Able To Do

With all of the unnecessary products out nowadays, there's a lot that can be said about going back to the basics. No matter where you're from or what you do for a living, there are a few key things that as guys we should be able to do.

1. Fix Stuff. This may sound extremely barbaric but its the truth. I'm not saying everyone needs to be able to tear apart an 18 wheelers and know the inner workings of a Cummins diesel engine but you should be able to fix a loose screw on your cabinet door. One of the best purchases if being Mr. Fix-It is high on your list of priorities is a multi-tool. Their are very few multi-tools out there that can do it all and for us, the Leatherman Wave checks a lot of the boxes.

2. Defend Yourself. The last thing you'll ever want to do is defend yourself by means of using a knife. Unfortunately the world is a violent place and there may come a time when responding to an attack on yourself is done with a knife. While we don't promote violence, this knife from CRKT is a good all around blade for a wide range of cutting tasks, including self-defense.

3. Get Out Of Dodge. The best way to not have to get involved with #2 on the list is to avoid it all together. The number one way to do that is to be a master of all things maps and waypoints. Getting around a city or well populated area is no problem but when you head out to the backcountry, you'll want and need a compass of some sort. One of our picks is the Suunto Core watch with a built in compass, barometer, altimeter and a ton of features that will do just about anything you could imagine.
Saturday, November 23, 2013

Get Great Deals on Stocking Stuffers

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday a week away and Christmas right around the corner, it is now officially time to start looking for gifts. Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, co-workers, Christmas is going to come if you’re ready or not. My advice is be prepared this season and make sure you get the best deals out there. OpticsPlanet always has a great clearance section and is always having great deals on certain items. They also have a huge selection of great stocking stuffers, all for great prices.

This year surprise your loved ones with great gifts in their stockings or under the tree like flashlights, watches, mutil-tools, knives and so much more. The Night Armor Tactical Flashlight and Pen would be a great addition to any stocking. Help someone protect their tablet with the Pelican Hardback Computer Case. The Browning Integrity Pocket Knife is a great knife for those in your life that need a little extra protection. Also, give a gift that has the tools for every occasion with the Victorinox SwissChamp XAVT Translucent Swiss Army Knife.

This holiday season is personally my favorite time of the year. With families coming together and joyful Christmas music playing on the radio, it’s hard to not have a smile on my face. I really enjoy searching for the perfect gifts to give those in my life. Watching their faces as they open up their presents and seeing the happy and excited looks they get is more than enough to give me a Merry Christmas. Who do you want to give the perfect gift to this year? Make sure to check out the deals that OpticsPlanet has going on and take advantage of all the great Holiday savings.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nikon RifleHunter 1000 Laser Rangefinder

One of the handiest tools a hunter could use is a rangefinder. In order to make an accurate shot you must first know how far away your target is. That way you can line up your scope for the appropriate distance and have a greater chance at hitting your target. Rangefinders also make great gifts as well, in particular the Nikon RifleHunter 1000 Laser Rangefinder. This rangefinder is packed with features that will make any hunter have an easier time out in the woods.

One of the features I like the most on the RifleHunter 1000 is how quickly and accurately it ranges up to 1000 yards. It’ll even tell you as close as 0.1 yards to your target. This Nikon has a wider, brighter field of view for more clear and precise images. Also, another great feature is the active brightness control which detects the brightness of your target and adjusts the reticle automatically to either grey LCD or orange LED for maximized contrast and visibility.

How cool is that? I would love getting this rangefinder as a gift. Plus, it has a slim design so I could operate it with one hand and store it easily in my pocket. Oh and did I mention that it’s waterproof and fog-proof too? The Nikon RifleHunter 1000 Laser Rangefinder has everything. Make sure to go pick one up as a gift for the hunter in your life. They can be found at While you’re there be sure to check out all their other great promotions and their clearance section for other great gift ideas.
Monday, October 7, 2013

Issey Miyake TO Watch for Men

Being a man, one of the best gifts that I think I could get would be a nice watch. I am always looking for the perfect watch to wear, whether it is a classy watch, sports watch, or a certain color. In my opinion you can never have too many watches. One watch that has caught my eye that I want is the Issey Miyake TO Watch for Men. Its sleek and classy style is great for any professional or casual occasion and would make a great gift for anyone.

The Issey Miyake TO Watch appears like it has been made out of a single piece of shining metal. It has a certain get straight to the point type of design with its hard straight lines and easy to use dials. The outer dial is used to tell the hour of the day while the inner dial is used to tell the minutes. Issey Miyake has designed the TO Watch for Men to be resistant of water for up to five atmospheres, making it wearable almost anywhere. Plus, one of the greatest features about this watch is the fact that it uses an SR621SW battery that will last up the three years before you’ll have to change it. There is nothing more irritating to me when you have a watch that never tells the right time because of a bad battery.

With six different color options, the Issey Miyake TO Watch is the perfect gift for anyone. It is the gift that keeps on giving and one that someone is sure to use day in and day out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given a gift that I never use. What good is that? Rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer that. But, make sure to get the gift that he’s sure to love, the Issey Miyake TO Watch. If he’s not a watch guy then make sure to check out other deals at at our gift page or our clearance page with great products all for great prices.
Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OPMOD AARC 3.0 Limited Edition Double Rifle Case

In staying with our hunting theme from the last few posts another great gift idea would be a high quality rifle case for those hunting trips. I can’t tell you how handy it is to be able to have a good rifle case that can store not only a rifle but also a scope, some binoculars, a rangefinder, magazine pouches, a shooting stick, and whatever else you might need. The OPMOD AARC 3.0 Double Rifle Case is a gun case that can do that.

Get the gift that gives you three things for the price of one. The OPMOD AARC 3.0 Limited Edition Double Rifle Case can be used as a shooting mat or also a drag bag. This OPMOD rifle case is extremely rugged, and is constructed out of a heavy duty PVC material, which will make it last in any weather conditions. The extra divider that comes with the bag makes it possible for you to carry two rifles at the same time, and with the double shoulder straps you can even carry it around like a backpack. Each pocket is lined with rows of MOLLIE with four straps so no matter what you are putting in each pocket, you can secure it in any position.

With this hunting season almost at our doorstep, make sure you or the hunter in your life has all the gear they need. The OPMOD Double Rifle Case makes for the perfect gift to give because it will not only give them somewhere to store and transport their gear, but it will give them the peace of mind that when they are carrying their gear, they are doing it safely and securely. Visit to get your OPMOD Double Rifle Case along with all the other gear you’ll need for this year’s hunting season. Make sure to check out the deals and promotion pages for all the best prices.
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leupold BX-3 Mojave 10x42mm Waterproof Binoculars

One optical device that really comes in handy and makes for an excellent gift is a good pair of binoculars. Binoculars can be used by just about anyone for many different applications. You can use them for hunting, bird watching, star gazing, hiking, sporting events, going to the opera, or even if you simply just want to see something in the distance. Leupold is one of the world’s leading manufactures in sports optics and they produce some of the best binoculars on the market. A great example would be the Leupold BX-3 Mojave 10x42mm Waterproof Binoculars.

The Leupold BX-3 Mojave Binocular would make a great gift because of its versatility and its high quality. It is lightweight with an extremely ergonomic design. It has an open-hinged body style and is well-balanced that gives comfort for long observation with unsurpassed image quality. It has a magnification of 10 with an objective lens size of 42mm. If you wear glasses don’t worry, the BX-3 Mojave features a long eye relief so you won’t even have to take your glasses off.

These binoculars would be the perfect gift for so many different reasons. If I owned a pair, I could use them when my brother and I go hiking. I could loan them to my mother who could use them while she observes birds in the backyard. Or, I could let my cousin borrow them to go on his annual hunting trips. The Leupold BX-3 Mojave 10x42mm Waterproof Binoculars are a great compact size so you could take them anywhere. Also, they are waterproof, so my father could even take them out on his boat out in Lake Michigan. Get these awesome binoculars along with other great gift ideas at
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Get Ready for Hunting Season with a Bushnell Rifle Scope

Hunting season is just around the corner.  That means all the hunters out there are getting prepared for all their hunting trips right now.  What better way to show them you care by getting them a gift to make their hunting trip more enjoyable.  One thing every hunter needs is a good rifle scope to be able to see what you’re shooting at.  OpticsPlanet has the Bushnell Elite 10x40 MilDot Target Turrets Argon Fixed Power Riflescope for sale at a great price that hunters, with any skill level, will be able to use.

Bushnell outshines their competitors with their rifle scopes by using features like Argon purging for waterproof reliability, Ultra Wide Band Coating for increased brightness in low light, and Rainguard HD fog proof design to maintain a clear view in less than ideal conditions.  The Bushnell Elite Tactical 10x40mm Riflescope was engineered for its reliability and extreme precision.  You can expect to use it time and time again and achieve the same consistent outcome.

Make sure to give the perfect gift to the hunter in your life, like the Bushnell 10x40 Elite Tactical MilDot Target Turrets Agron Fixed Riflescope.  This rifle scope will give them hours of enjoyment and will help them take home that prize buck.  If you’re the hunter, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a gift this year before the season.  If it’s not a rifle scope you need make sure to check out for all your hunting needs.  For other great gift ideas visit the seasonal promotions and clearance sections at OpticsPlanet.

Bushnell Elite Tactical 10x40 Riflescope